Emergency light V16:
PF Led ONE V16

The V16 emergency light is the emergency beacon that replaces the emergency triangles. It is a device that is placed on top of the vehicle in case of an accident or breakdown on the road, and serves as a signaling method for other vehicles.

With the V16 emergency light, unlike the emergency triangles, you do not have to get out of the vehicle to place the beacon.

The PF Led ONE V16 signal is approved by the DGT and has geolocation.

Luz de emergencia V16: PF Led ONE V16
Luz de emergencia V16: PF Led ONE V16

What is the V16 Emergency Light?

The V16 car emergency light is a safety lighting device for vehicles. It is used to provide an additional light source in the event of a road emergency, such as a breakdown, to make the vehicle more visible to other drivers and to render assistance.

The V16 is a portable and easy-to-use model, which can be placed on the roof or on the rear of the vehicle. It is made of durable materials and has a rechargeable battery, allowing it to operate for several hours. The V16 Emergency Car Light is a useful tool to increase road safety in emergency situations.

What is the V16 emergency light used for?

The V16 Emergency Car Light is used to improve visibility and safety on the road in emergency situations. It serves as an additional light source that can be placed on the roof or rear of the vehicle, which helps to make the vehicle more visible to other drivers. In addition, the V16 can also be used to provide assistance to others on the road. With a rechargeable battery and durable materials, the V16 Emergency Car Light is a useful tool for increasing safety on the road.

How does the V16 emergency light work?

The mechanism that activates the V16 emergency light is very simple, since through a magnetic base in contact with a metallic surface it activates its mechanism. This is so that by simply lowering the window of the vehicle, and removing the arm to put the V16 emergency light on the roof of the vehicle, we already have it working.

In some cases, the V16 light models that do not have this mechanism, will have a manual ignition option, so that by turning the device to the ON position, it will start to work.

Luz de emergencia V16: PF Led ONE V16

When does the V16 emergency light come into effect?

Since last July of this year, it is already possible to use this new signal (with or without geopositioning), gradually with the emergency triangles without distinction. However, as of January 1, 2026, the triangles will be left behind and the V16 emergency light will become mandatory. The entry into force of the homologated V16 emergency light is contemplated in the Royal Decree that regulates emergency services on public roads. This measure has been taken as a consequence of the high number of fatal accidents that occurred when the driver withdrew from his vehicle to place the emergency triangles or pick them up after having suffered a mishap on the road. According to the regulations, it is only advisable to get out of the vehicle if we find a safe place outside the roadway, in which case, we must position ourselves on the opposite side to the flow of traffic. Otherwise, the best thing to do is to remain inside the vehicle with the seat belt on while waiting for assistance.

Features of V16 Emergency Light

The Royal Decree establishes a series of characteristics that manufacturers must comply with in order for V16 emergency lights to be authorized by the DGT for use on Spanish roads and highways.

The following are the characteristics that a V16 emergency light must have in order to be valid in Spanish territory.

Where to buy the V16 Emergency Light?

If we talk about quality V16 emergency light, the PF Led One v16 is one of them. This device is manufactured by the company Erum Vial, has a 12-year warranty and has all the features stipulated by the regulations.

It is already possible to buy the PF Led One V16 emergency light on reservation on the Erum Vial website. With your purchase you are guaranteeing product quality and connectivity validity.

¿Dónde comprar la Luz de emergencia V16? PF Led ONE V16

Frequently Asked Questions

At present, hazard warning lights are not mandatory, although they can be used instead of triangles and also at the same time as triangles, if desired. From January 1, 2026, however, the V16 hazard warning light will definitely replace the triangles and will also have to meet type approval requirements.

The best V16 emergency light must meet all the requirements stipulated in the regulations and have the geolocation system that allows the interconnection between drivers, traffic authorities and roadside assistance systems allowing a safer and smoother traffic.

In this sense, the best V16 emergency light on the market that has the approval of the DGT is the PF Led ONE V16 that in addition to its high intensity flashing led light, has geolocation and connection with the cloud 3.0 of the DGT.

The base of the emergency light v16 is magnetized, this way the fastening to the vehicle is guaranteed, ensuring that it does not fall to the ground. In this way we will be able to signal our position before getting out of the car. The ideal position will be on the roof of the vehicle, but it will depend on the circumstances of each vehicle and the area to be signaled.